Update From Clive Gowing (Trust Chair and FED)

Dear Robins fan,

It is difficult to know where to start – given that so much has happened with the Robins Trust in the past two weeks.

First, and most importantly, I would like to thank everyone who attended the SGM last week, and also to those who voted by proxy ahead of the meeting.

The meeting was full of fans making  their passionate opinion heard, and I am sure that this would have made Bryan incredibaly proud.

The votes saw the Trust membership agree to invest £200,000 from Bryan’s legacy into the Football Club immediately and then I was honoured to be elected to be the Trust’s first fan-elected director.

To win your trust as the first ever fan elected director is both an honour and a privilege, and I will say to all supporters now, that I will work tirelessly to make sure fans’ views are represented at board level.

On Monday of this week, I attended my first board meeting, and also the shareholder’s information meeting.

There is not too much to report on at this early stage, although I was able to take a full part in a discussion about season ticket prices for next season.

By the time you read these notes, that should have been announced, and existing season ticket holders should have received a letter through the post.

As part of my remit as the fan-elected director, I want to ensure that any fan can speak to me and make their feelings known.

We all have a burning passion for the club, and I want to try and ensure that all fans have an opportunity to have their ideas or concerns heard and acted upon at board level.

The Robins Trust are planning on holding another session of fan focus groups over the summer.

However, unlike last year, I will commit to publishing the results from these discussions, so that the points raised are actioned upon and the fans who attend can see progress being made.

It is vital that all ideas are at least explored and each point raised is either acted upon or rejected – with full reasons given for the decision. Fans want accountability and the Trust wants to give them it.

Although the position the club finds itself in at the moment is a perilous one, I believe there is still plenty to look forward to for next season.

Whatever happens, The Trust and I will approach the new season with fresh energy and hope.

We want to build from the opportunity that Bryan Jacob’s magnificent gesture has given us in improving the interaction between the supporters, club board, management and players of Cheltenham Town.

Here’s to making the 2015/16 season – and the coming years – some of the best that the Robins have ever had.

Yours faithfully,

Clive Gowing