Statement From Trust Chairman In Response To Echo Article

Statement from Robins Trust Chairman Clive Gowing regarding article in the Gloucestershire Echo

I look forward to discussing the article with many of you in person at Thursday nights AGM but felt it was fair to explain a few points to those supporters who can’t make the night.

Following Tim Kent’s departure in the summer I agreed as the only accountant on the club board to take on the role of finance director on a temporary basis whilst the club explored different options of how the club accounts would be completed going forward.

This was discussed with the Trust board and I stated on record to both the club board and trust board that a firm arrangement needed to be in place by the Trust AGM so this could be communicated to the Trust members. This still remained in place until the echo contacted me last week stating they would be running an article with or without my input.

Following meetings with the club auditors Hazelwoods and other accountants it was decided that the best go forward decision both financially and strategically would be if I remain in both roles and this was due to be announced to our members this week.

Although the echo talk about a potential conflict of interest I am confident that any potential conflict in mitigated by good communication with the trust board and also decisions being made collectively by the CTFC board. The club is run by a board and not one person has the authority to make significant financial decisions on the club without the full support of the majority board.

The role of a finance director is not to make all the financial decisions. The role of a finance director is to ensure that the board of directors have the knowledges and understanding to make decisions that affect the club financially.

I remain committed to both the roles I serve and am confident that they can compliment each other for the benefit of the club and supporters and recent ticket price announcements for both the Everton and Crewe games support this view.