Robins Trust Statement – Swindon FA Cup Ticket Pricing

The Robins Trust view with concern that pricing structure chosen by the club for the FA Cup game against Swindon.

We understand the need to maximise the income from this game, but feel that while few Swindon fans are not liable to be deterred from travelling to the game by a £2 change in ticket prices, it may well have an effect on our own support.

The rules imply that we cannot charge more for visiting support, than for home support in equivalent areas, so if we are to charge the visiting fans £23, we must also charge the same amount in the Thompson & Banks Stand. However, we are not obliged to increase the prices in the standing areas and the Jelf stand at the same time.

The club also have it within their power to alleviate the costs by issuing a voucher that can be redeemed at one of the matches later in the month. We have home matches on both 22 and 29 November, including Oxford United, which will be the third Premium priced game out of five home matches.

The Trust has written to the club, asking that they should consider a way of offsetting the cost of this game.

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