Robins Trust Program Notes – Sunday 7 December 2014

Good afternoon and welcome to what is an exciting game for both sides and one that I have been looking forward.  There is the potential of a dream tie if today goes well and the third round draw goes even better!

I wrote my notes for last week’s game prior to the departure of Mark Yates and arrival of Paul Buckle. I want to put on record my thanks on behalf of the Robins Trust to Mark Yates. Mark was always a committed player and manager and to be in a management role for five years is an excellent record. I also found Mark very helpful and approachable in all his dealings with the Robins Trust and wish him all the best in the future.

On behalf of the Robins Trust I would like to welcome Paul Buckle to Cheltenham Town FC. At time of writing I haven’t personally met Paul but I have always found managers of Cheltenham Town FC to be very approachable and supportive of the Robins Trust and look forward to meeting Paul and exciting times ahead.

On the 16th December the Robins Trust will make our annual visit to the Children’s Ward in Gloucester Royal Hospital with the first team to deliver gifts to the children in hospital. All profits from today’s Robins Trust 50/50 draw will be used to fund these gifts. This is an event I look forward to every year and is great to witness first hand the joy that the players can bring when they meet these children and future Cheltenham Town supporters.

Ticket Priority

After a successful result today (touch wood) and a plum third round draw (yes I am putting my neck on the line with the Dover fans!), then what better way to secure your third round ticket than being a member of the Robins Trust. Robins Trust members will be included within the ticket priority schemes once announcements are made, so in order to avoid any issues please sign up to the Robins Trust today via

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