Robins Trust Program Notes – Sunday 28 December 2014

Update on the Bryan Jacob Estate

The Trust are pleased to announce some positive progress with regards to Bryan Jacob’s estate.

We have had confirmation from the solicitor that Bryan’s assets have been sold. The final accounts have been put together and are with the executor of his will to agree.

Once this step is completed the accounts are then sent to the Robins Trust for the Trust board to agree. The Trust can then liaise with the solicitor to arrange transfer of the funds to the Trust.

All of these steps will take time and with the upcoming Festive break, the Trust does not expect to be in a position to receive funds for at least a couple of months.

 So what happens next?

Once the funds have been received by the Trust, it is up to the Trust’s members to agree how they will be spent.

The Trust’s rules dictate what the Trust can spend the funds on – these can be downloaded from the Trust’s website, (found in the Downloads section)

There have been some initial discussions between the Trust and Paul Baker regarding a seat on the board of the football club.

These discussions included some proposals and conditions that the club wish to put in place once that place on the board is agreed.

There have also been some discussions about how the club would like to use the money that will be coming from Bryan’s estate.

These talks have been positive and the Trust board will now meet in the next few weeks to discuss how they wish to respond.

The Trust board will also formulate and agree a range of proposals about how best to invest the money to take to the members to agree in due course.

During this next period, the Trust board would love to hear suggestions from members about how best to invest this money. Please do so by contacting [email protected]

Once this is agreed, and the Trust are in full receipt of the funds, a Special General Meeting of the Trust’s membership will be called.

This will allow members to discuss the investment with the Trust board, and to vote on the proposals and to further discuss the election process for the Fan Elected Director.


Ways to recognise Bryan Jacob

The Robins Trust board are also very keen on finding a way to permanently recognise Bryan Jacob and the wonderful gesture he has left to the fans of the club.

If members have any ideas on how this can be achieved please do speak to Trust board member or e-mail [email protected]


Sign up to the Robins Trust

Now, more than ever, is the time to sign up and become a Robins Trust member.

In the coming months, the Trust will have a very real influence on all matters Cheltenham Town, via a democratically elected Trust representative on the Football Club board.

These are exciting times for the Trust and you could be involved for the sum of just £12. For more information or to sign up, see a raffle ticket seller at the ground, or visit

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