Robins Trust Program Notes – Saturday 28th February 2015

Extract of Robins Trust Statement 13-2-15

Following the departure of Paul Buckle The Robins Trust issued a statement regarding the events at Cheltenham Town Football Club. Please see below an extract of that statement.

“Robins Trust chairman Clive Gowing today met with Paul Baker and the management staff at Cheltenham Town Football Club prior to the 10 o clock announcement but after the decisions had been taken regarding Paul Buckle.”

“This was seen as a key involvement from the Robins Trust and Cheltenham Town Football Club to ensure that the fans of Cheltenham Town Football Club and heard and seen as a key aspect in challenges ahead and a sense of togetherness and unity is restored. Robins Trust Chairman Clive Gowing commented “I had previously arranged to meet with Paul Baker today on a different matter. This involvement from the Robins Trust is a key connection in ensuring the voice of Cheltenham Town FC fans are heard. The message now needs to be one of unity, togetherness and passion.”

Update on Bryan Jacob’s Donation

It looks like publishing deadlines have come a bit too early to make any firm announcement regarding the update of Bryan Jacob’s estate. However we can confirm that positive progress is being made and that the Robins Trust board have reviewed the accounts and the solicitors have informed the Trust that the executor has signed. The Robins Trust are optimistic that further announcements can be made in the coming weeks.

Are you registered to vote?

Following the finalising of Bryan’s estate the steps really are up to you the Robins Trust members. As agreed at the last AGM any investment over £25k will need to be agreed by our members and we will need to follow an election process for a Trust member to be elected to the Cheltenham Town FC Board. These really are big steps for the Robins Trust but also for all fans of Cheltenham Town FC. So make sure you have a say and sign up to the Robins Trust.