Robins Trust Program Notes – Saturday 14th February 2015

Calling all Non Passionate, Criticising fans

The Robins Trust believe that the fans of Cheltenham Town FC are among the best in the world.

We support our team every week, help out with ground maintenance in the summer, pay for advertising boards and are always supportive because they have the club at heart.

However, the  past year has seen the fans criticised on two separate occasions.  First, we were told we were not passionate enough; now we’ve been told we are too critical.


Sorry, but the Trust feel that is not right. For a fan to even travel to an away game, or give up their Saturday afternoon to come to the beloved Whaddon Road shows passion.

Granted we are not the loudest of fans but noise does not always mean passion.

As for noise, the club need to be very careful what they wish for.

I am not sure a partisan and loud Whaddon Road crowd would have been quiet with a team having won once in 13 games. Given past results, to call the fans critical is stretching things somewhat.

In his programme notes last week Paul Baker was trying to issue a rallying call – the chairman was trying to give a “we’re all in this together” plea – that is something the Robins Trust support 100 per cent.

However, The Trust believes our fans should be praised for their efforts not constantly told what we should or shouldn’t be doing.

We have a voice too and it is very hard not to criticise over the last few months.

If a fan pays to attend a match they have every right to criticise. The board should listen, especially if that criticism is constructive and has value.

We are all in this together and we will be sure to do our bit to support the players on the pitch – if you want more of a say then join the Robins Trust, for just £12 you can have your say.

You can sign up to the Robins Trust at or by speaking to a 50/50 draw seller at any home match.

Individually we may be just one single fan, but together we have a voice.


Update on Bryan Jacob’s Donation

At time of writing there is not too much to update the Trust members on. The accounts of Bryan’s estate are still with the executors and we are hoping progress will be made soon.