Paul Buckle Departure – Robins Trust Statement

The Robins Trust would like to issue the following statement regarding today’s departure of Paul Buckle and the events at Cheltenham Town Football Club

Robins Trust chairman Clive Gowing today met with Paul Baker and the management staff prior to the 10am announcement, but after the decision regarding Paul Buckle’s future had been taken.

This was seen as a key development in the strong working relationship between the Robins Trust and the Football Club.

Part of the Trust’s remit is to ensure that views of the fans are heard by the board and Gowing welcomed the move to be involved in a key decision.

With significant challenges lying ahead in the near future, the Trust and the Club will continue to work together to ensure that a sense of togetherness and unity is restored.

Gowing said:“I had arranged to meet with Paul Baker today on Friday morning about a different matter but was happy to be involved in the events of today, despite it being such a difficult time.

The involvement of the Robins Trust shows that the Football Club are receptive and willing to hear the voice of the Cheltenham Town fans.

“After a turbulent week the message now needs to be one of unity, togetherness and passion.”

The Robins Trust is issuing a rally call to all supporters of Cheltenham Town ahead of the crucial game against Bury.

 Gowing added: “If you have ever attended a match in the last 17 years in the football league or joined in with the success of gaining promotion to the football league in 1999 the club need you now more than ever. 

“Let’s make the match against Bury the biggest attendance of the season and the noisiest, most-partisan atmosphere Whaddon Road has ever seen.

“The line of negativity has now been crossed out and the way forward is positivity, togetherness and unity. We are Cheltenham Town Football Club and we can be Proud.”