Let’s get ‘Gloucestershire United’ for Goals Beyond Grass

APPALLED by the shocking vandalism suffered by Goals Beyond Grass, the Robins Trust is aiming to unite Gloucestershire’s sports clubs and meet the £12,000 repair bill.

A little over a week ago, vandals broke into the storeroom used by Goals Beyond Grass and trashed six specialist wheelchairs used by the county’s Powerchair Football team.

The specialist chairs are not only used by the charity, but for doing outstanding community work in schools, retirement homes and learning disability centres across Gloucestershire.

So, at the last monthly meeting of the Robins Trust board, it was unanimously agreed that the Trust would kick-start a fundraising bid to meet the repair bill in full.

The Robins Trust’s Fan Elected Director Dave Beesley explained: “As a board we were all absolutely appalled by the vandalism.

“One of our former Board members is closely involved with Goals Beyond Grass and we know it’s a charity that does fantastic work across Gloucestershire.

“We immediately decided that we wanted to help and are now calling on all the professional sports clubs in the county to help us match the expected £12,000 repair bill.”

Working alongside former FED Murry Toms, the Trust have initiated a Crowdfunding Campaign.

They have also put in the first £500 donation and are calling upon Gloucestershire sport to unite and follow suit.

“The Trust is going to kick-start that with £500 and we would love all of Gloucestershire’s professional sports clubs to follow our lead,” Beesley added.

“Normally all the money we make through fund-raising is invested in Cheltenham Town shares, but we all passionately felt that we should help the Gloucestershire community.

“We hope that Cheltenham Town, Forest Green Rovers, Gloucester Rugby and Gloucestershire Cricket will at least match our donation and hopefully give more to this wonderful charity.

“Gloucestershire has some wonderful sports clubs, who do a great deal for the community and we would love to see ‘Gloucestershire United’ to help Goals Beyond Grass.”

Donations can be made at www.crowdfunder.co.uk/gbg

AGM: Agenda – Thursday 18th October 2018

We are delighted to publish the agenda for our 2018 Annual General Meeting to be held on October 18 at the Jonny-Rocks Stadium.

At the meeting we will give you an update on an eventful year for the Trust, receive our accounts for the past 12 months and ratify our recent election process.

We recently confirmed that due to the number of available places on the board being greater than the number of applications that there would be no formal election at the AGM.
Therefore, Dave Beesley, Leo Hoenig and Nathan Mattick were duly elected to serve for another two-year term on the Trust board.

Following the business part of the evening, we are thrilled to announce that Cheltenham Town manager Michael Duff and members of the Club Board will be attending an open forum.
This is the first chance for fans to meet and chat to the new manager and we hope this will prove to be a valuable exercise in bringing the club and fans closer.
The meeting and forum is open to both Trust members and non-members, although only Trust members will be allowed to speak during the formal business of the evening prior to the forum.

A copy of the agenda can be downloaded here – Robins Trust – 2018 AGM Agenda

Election Results & Update on AGM and Fans Forum

The Robins Trust are pleased to announce the conclusion of the nominations process for elections to the Trust Board and of the Fan Elected Director.

Both elections were held in accordance to the Trust’s Rules and Elections Policy and were overseen by an independent scrutineer; Neil Le Milliere of the Exeter City Supporters Trust.

During the one-month period of nominations that ended on September 20, there were three applications to stand for election.

Due to the maximum number of places available at the time of election being 11 and the nominations being under that number, all three nominees are elected, subject to ratification at the Trust AGM.

Therefore: Dave Beesley, Leo Hoenig and Nathan Mattick are duly elected to the board, subject to ratification at the AGM.

Trust chairman Dave Jennings informed the board during the nominations process that he was not going to stand for election due to personal and professional commitments.

The Trust Board would like to formally thank Dave for his superb efforts over his many years of involvement with the Trust, not least in the last 12months as chairman.

Dave leaves his role with the Trust in a stronger position and his time and efforts are greatly appreciated.

The Nominations process for the role of Fan Elected Director saw one nomination.

Therefore, with no election required and in accordance with the details set out in the Trust Rules and Rules for the Fan Elected Director, Dave Beesley is formally elected to the role.

Dave took over as interim FED after Murry Toms decided to stand down earlier this year.

He has contributed where possible to Football Club board meetings, but now can press ahead with the process of fulfilling the EFL’s Owners and Director’s Test and take a full place on the club board.

The Trust has informed the Football Club board of his ratification as FED and we are delighted to say that wheels are now in motion to see the Trust’s Elected Director take on his full role.

The Trust’s AGM will take place at 7.30pm on Thursday, October 18 at Cheltenham Town Football Club.

A full agenda will be released two weeks in advance of the meeting with the final point on the agenda being an open fans forum with Club chairman Andy Wilcox and manager Michael Duff.

The AGM is open to both Trust members and non-members, but only members will have the right to vote on matters arising.

Finally, the Trust Board would like to thank Deborah Dilworth at Supporters Direct and, especially, Neil Le Milliere for their help and assistance in running a rigorous and properly scrutinised election.

A copy of the report by independent scrutineer, Neil Le Milliere, can be found here


DATE: Thursday, October 18, 2018 at the Johnny-Rocks Stadium.
TIME: 7.30pm start.

The Robins Trust Board is pleased to confirm that our Annual General Meeting, elections to the Trust Board and the formal election of our Fan Elected Director (FED) will take place on October 18.

Nominations are now open for election to the Trust board with details of how to submit your nomination here.

As well as the election of board members, the Trust will also be holding the formal election for the post of Fan Elected Director.

In the past, out of necessity at the time, this election has been held in April and not at our AGM.

However, following the resignation of Murry Toms and interim appointment of Dave Beesley to the post in May, it was agreed to align the election with the AGM.

Nominations are open for the role of FED.  Click here to see if you are eligible to stand or to submit your nomination.

As well as the two elections, and the formal receipt of the Trust’s accounts for the year ended May 31, there will be an open forum at the close of Trust business.

Cheltenham Town Chairman Andy Wilcox will be attending his first forum since taking on the role in the summer.

As well as Andy, the Trust hope to be able to welcome the club’s new manager to the forum to meet the fans for the first time.

Robins Trust Annual General Meeting 2018


  1. To receive and approve the Society’s accounts for the financial year ended May 31, 2018
  2. Chairman and Board report of Trust activity for the past year.
  3. Elections to the Society Board.
  4. Election of the Fan Elected Director.
  5. Open Forum with Cheltenham Town chairman Andy Wilcox, members of the Football Club board and football management staff.



Elections to the Robins Trust Board 2018: Process and Timetable

The election will follow the following process:

  1. The Trust board currently has 11 members. Trust rules say that the board will consist of no fewer than 6 and no more than 16 members.
  2. The election will be run by an Election Management Group consisting of one member of the Trust board (who is not standing for re-election) and an independent scrutineer.
  3. James Young (Robins Trust) was chosen to organise the election as per a Board Meeting on Monday, July 16 2018. After consultation with Supporters Direct, Neil Le Milliere (Exeter City Supporters Trust has agreed to be the independent scrutineer).
  4. At the Trust Board meeting on July 16, 2018 a drawing of lots was held to decide which of the 11 current board members – elected at the 2017 AGM – will be standing down. As the entire board was elected at the Trust relaunch in 2012, it was necessary for half of the board to stand down.  It was decided to choose six members at random, with two exceptions, listed in point five. For the avoidance of any doubt all existing board members are entitled to stand for re-election if they wish.
  5. As Trust chairman Dave Jennings and Fan Elected Director Dave Beesley had been elected into their posts since the last AGM, it was agreed they should stand. Lots were drawn for the remaining four positions at random.
  6. As per Trust rules, anyone standing for election shall be a fully paid member of the society, and be nominated by two other full society members.
  7. Nominees will also be asked to supply a statement supporting their nomination as per rule 6 of the Trust Election Policy.
  8. As per rule 5 of the Trust Election Policy, it is the candidate’s responsibility to ensure their candidacy is valid as per the terms above.
  9. The timetable for the 2018 election will be:
      1. August 23, 2018: Notice of AGM and election circulated to all members.
      2. Midday, September 20, 2018: Deadline for receipt of nominations and candidate statements.
      3. In the week beginning September 22 an announcement will be made as to whether a ballot will be necessary. A ballot will be necessary if the number of nominations EXCEEDS 11. If so, the following will happen:
      4. September 27, 2018: Candidate statements for all candidates seeking election will be published on the Trust website.
      5. October 4, 2018: voting forms and candidate statements and means for proxy or email voting, will be sent to Trust members.
      6. October 18, 2018: Election count and announcement will take placed at the Robins Trust AGM.
  10. In the event that the number of nominations is equal to or fewer than available positions on the Board (11) or less, those nominees will progress through to the AGM for ratification by members.
  11. The new Robins Trust board will meet for a general board meeting within ONE month of the AGM.

Click HERE for a Robins Trust Board Member nomination form

All forms, and corresponding confirmation messages from proposers must be sent to elections@robinstrust.org by the relevant dates listed above.