IMPORTANT Information Ahead Of Robins Trust SGM On April 16 2015

Dear Robins Trust member,

As I am sure you are now aware, a Special General Meeting of the Trust is taking place on Thursday, April 16 where you, as a Trust member, will have a chance to vote on three issues.

I am writing to you today to lay out some important information that will help the evening run as smoothly as possible.

An online copy of the SGM Agenda is available here: Robins Trust SGM Agenda April 16 2015, please familiarise yourself with the three separate votes in order to help with the order of business.

The meeting will start promptly at 7pm, where representation will be made by both the Trust and the Football Club in regards to Bryan Jacob’s estate.

We would advise as many members as possible to attend the meeting, but appreciate that it may be impossible for some, so we have included a way of voting by proxy – see link below.

If you are intending to vote by proxy, votes must be cast by midday on Wednesday, April 15.  Proxy votes cast after this deadline will NOT be counted.

The votes at the meeting will be held in sequence in order of the agenda:

ITEM ONE:  To approve the investment of the proceeds of the estate of Bryan Jacob (£222,015.88) in Cheltenham Town Football Club shares.

This will be a straight majority vote of Trust members by a show of hands, with those figures then added to the proxy votes.

 If the vote is too close to call, an individual ballot of members will then be held.

If the majority of votes cast is to reject the proposal, the meeting will end. If the majority of votes cast approves the proposal, the meeting will progress to item two:

ITEM TWO: To present and agree three formal proposals for how and when that money will be invested in Cheltenham Town Football Club. (please see attached agenda for the three proposals)

This vote will be held by closed ballot by order of first, second and third preference, and by proxy voting of first, second and third preference.

Trust members will be given a voting slip / proxy form on which they need to Indicate their preference in order, with number 1 being your most preferred option and number 3 the least.

At the end of the first round of voting if there is not a majority of balloted and proxy votes cast in favour of any one proposal, the proposal with the least votes is then eliminated.

The second preference balloted and proxy votes will be reallocated as the first preference in the second round in order to establish a majority.

The Trust board would like to request that every member indicates his or her first, second or third preference to allow for the vote to run smoothly.

If the vote on Item Two confirms that there will be a Fan Elected Director, then the agenda will progress to Item Three, if not the meeting will close.

ITEM THREE: Election for the role of Fan Elected Director (FED)

There are two submitted biographies for the role of Fan Elected Director from:




Due to the complex nature of the meeting on April 16, neither candidate will be able to speak on the night.

However, the two candidates will also be available to speak to Trust members on the evening of Tuesday, April 14 (ahead of the home game against Cambridge United) from 6.30-7.30pm, and for 30 minutes after the game, in the main bar at Whaddon Road.

As there are two candidates for the role of Fan Elected Director, a straight majority vote (by closed ballot) will be held.

The total from the closed ballot will then be added to the proxy votes and the person with the most votes will be duly elected to serve for the first two-year term as the Fan Elected Director.

After this vote, the SGM will close.

If there are any questions regarding the voting process, please email [email protected]

If you are intending to vote by proxy – please click this link and submit your vote, before midday on Wednesday, April 16.

Kind Regards,

James Young

On behalf of the Robins Trust Election Management Group

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