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Robins Trust 2016 AGM Notice And Annual Accounts

The Robins Trust will be holding their 2016 AGM on Thursday 27th October at 19:15 at Whaddon Road.  The agenda for the AGM can be downloaded using the link below:

Robins Trust 2016 AGM Agenda

The annual accounts of the Trust will also be discussed at the AGM and a copy of the accounts for 2015-2016 can be downloaded using the link below:

Robins Trust Accounts 2015-2016

We look forward to seeing you there.

Trust Draft Accounts And 2015 AGM Agenda

In advance of the 2015 Robins Trust AGM, the agenda and Draft Accounts (for 2014-2015) are available online.

The accounts are currently under independent audit (as required by Trust rules) and this should be complete within the next few days.  No changes to the Draft accounts are expected.  The audited accounts will be uploaded as soon as they are available.

You can view them here:

Clarifications Around SGM On Thursday 16th April

In response to recent emailed questions to the Robins Trust and comments made on social media the Robins Trust will like to issue the following statement ahead of Thursday’s SGM.

Why is this decision being made now? Is it being rushed?

The Robins Trust board learned of Bryan Jacob’s death in September 2013 and has known that they were the sole beneficiaries of his estate since then.

In the nearly two years since, the Trust board has worked hard to ensure that the organisation was ready to receive the final sums upon execution of the will.

Trust members were told of the news in November 2014, once we were in a position to know approximate figures that would be received.

The Trust then received the full amount of £222,015.88 into its bank account in March and it was felt that the members should be able to decide on what should happen next at the earliest opportunity.

At no point did the Football Club’s league position or latest set of financial figures factor in that equation – the decision-making process started nearly 18 months before the SGM.

However, the Trust has maintained an open and constructive dialogue with the Football Club and in particular Paul Baker since learning of Bryan¹s death and gesture in 2013.

At every point the Trust board has reiterated to the Club that they should not expect to receive this money, or budget for it as it was up the Trust¹s membership to decide what happened next.

Like the Trust board, the Football Club did not know the exact figures until the start of March 2015.

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Robins Trust Special General Meeting Notice




TO BE HELD ON THURSDAY, APRIL 16 (7pm) at Whaddon Road

The meeting is called to agree the following three items:

  1. To approve the investment of the proceeds of the estate of Bryan Jacob (£222,015.88) in Cheltenham Town Football Club shares, in accordance to the rules of the society.

If vote on item one is approved, to then:

  1. To present and agree three formal proposals for how and when that money will be invested in Cheltenham Town Football Club.


  • An immediate investment of £100,000 for full Board representation for three years, and a place on three sub committees to be agreed, and:
  • An ongoing investment of £33,333 at the start of the subsequent seasons (August 2015, 2016, 2017), and:
  • On receipt of the third payment, full Board membership confirmed indefinitely in return for a £5,000 annual investment, starting August 2018


  • An immediate investment of £200,000 to secure permanent full Board membership and permanent membership of three committees to be agreed, and:
  • An ongoing investment of £5k from 2018 in August, annually.


  • An immediate investment of £50,000 to take the Trust to the original £100,000 threshold for board membership, and:
  • To maintain prudent reserves in line with the rules of the society.


  1. Elections for the role of Fan Elected Director (FED) in accordance to the society’s rules.
  •  To approve nominations for the FED in accordance to the society’s rules.
  • Presentations from the candidates for the FED.
  • To hold an election for the post of the FED.


Anyone wishing to stand for the role of the FED should read the Trust’s rules on Fan Elected Director and submit a valid application to [email protected] no later than midday on Thursday, April 2 2015.

Candidates will then be confirmed by the Trust board and communication sent to all members detailing each candidate’s vision for the role. Candidates will be expected to present to the SGM on April 16.


Robins Trust Statement Regarding The Estate Of Bryan Jacob And SGM Notice

The Robins Trust is pleased to announce some significant developments in regards to the estate of the late Bryan Jacob.

11 NOV 2010   PICTURE BY ROBERT  DAVIS  Cheltenham Town FC AGM and fans forum.  story Jon Palmer. --- question Bryan Jacob.

In November last year the Trust announced that Bryan – our inaugural secretary – had left his entire estate to Cheltenham Town Supporters Society Limited in his will.

At the time the exact amounts this fantastic gesture would realise and the time-frame for when the funds would be transferred were not known.

However, in the last week the Trust board has received the final accounts from the executor, signed off those accounts and are now in receipt of the money.

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