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Trust members receive ticket priority for Forest Green Rovers match

Robins Trust members will receive ticket priority for November’s historic first Football League Gloucestershire derby.

November’s ‘El Glosico’ clash with Forest Green Rovers at The New Lawn will see a large travelling contingent of Robins heading to Nailsworth.

With tickets likely to be in high demand, the Trust have, once again, secured ticket priority, ahead of general sale tickets.

Tickets will go on sale to season ticket holders, club staff and away travel club members on October 31 through to November 7.

Robins Trust members will then have a priority window running between Thursday, November 9 and kick off in the League Two home match with Luton Town on November 11.

Trust chairman Tarran Wilson said: “Once again, Trust fan elected director Murry Toms acted quickly to secure this benefit for Trust members.

“While season ticket holders and regular away supporters are, of course, deserving of advance priority, it’s great that Trust members are given this added benefit.

Trust membership is now just £5 for adult members and we already have guaranteed ticket priority for any future big Cup ties for all members.

“We are all looking forward to the first Gloucestershire Football League derby and I’m sure that tickets will sell out in the away end.

“Anyone who wants to join the Trust can do so on our website or by visiting our new Trust Surgery on home match days in the main bar.”

You must be signed up as a Robins Trust member by Wednesday, November 8 (11.59pm) to be eligible for second tier priority ticketing.


Priority 1
Season ticket holders and Travel Club members (and matchday staff)
Tuesday 31 October to Tuesday 7 November (includes the home game v Maidstone United.)

Priority 2
Robins Trust, 500 Club and shareholders
Thursday 9 November to 3pm on Saturday 11 November (i.e. up to kick-off in Luton Town game.)

Priority 3
General sale
Saturday 11 November (immediately after the Luton Town game.)

Lincoln City programme notes: Meet the new Robins Trust board!

During the Relaunch of the Robins Trust and the election of a New Board we have been looking at ways in which we can add value to all our members, wrote Dave Jennings on behalf of the Trust in our notes for the match against Lincoln City.

We have been discussing with local businesses the opportunity they have by becoming a Robins Trust Partner, offering preferential deals, offers and discounts to Trust Members.

Over the next few weeks we will be announcing our Partners and the benefits they will offer. Currently we have negotiated deals with local businesses such as Pubs, Restaurants & DIY Outlets.

If you are a local business or have a service to offer and you are interested in becoming a Trust Partner we would be delighted to hear from you.

Those who recently attended the Trust AGM will have seen our commitment to not only representing the interests of our supporters, but also the interests of the wider community in which we live and work.

The safety and comfort of our fans is paramount but we will also be in conversation with the local community understanding the impact of the Football Club and how we as a Trust can develop Social Value initiatives.

We are here to be your Voice at the Club, a point of contact for your concerns and issues. As a Trust Board we will take it upon ourselves to encourage full inclusivity in how we support our club, developing initiatives to widen our support base across our whole community.

We have recently worked with the club to introduce the Robins Trust Speedy Skips Half Time Challenge. Our Trust Members, Jack O’Neill and James Robinson took part in the first event which will give our fans the opportunity to demonstrate their own football talents while raising funds for Sue Ryder charities.

Speedy Skips have kindly offered to donate £100 for every ball that lands in the skip! We would like to hear from you if you would like to take part in future Half Time Challenges.

December 9th! Keep this date free in your diary. We have exciting news coming soon!

Statement on today’s FA Cup ticketing announcement

Within minutes of the FA Cup first round draw, the Robins Trust – through fan elected director Murry Toms – made immediate contact to the club board over ticket pricing for the match.
The Trust board felt that £10 adult tickets in all areas of the ground would encourage fans to attend the match, while also rewarding supporters for their support over the past year.
Murry put those arguments to the board, in line with his responsibilities to represent all Robins fans.
However, after discussions with the rest of the board, a decision was made to implement another pricing strategy.
Murry said: “Shortly after the draw I got in contact with the rest of the board to ask for tickets to be £10 in all areas of the ground.
“Discussions with the rest of the board followed and led to another pricing strategy.
“The club board is democratic and we respect the financial needs of the club and the decision that has been made.
“However, as fan elected director it is my responsibility to campaign for the needs of regular supporters and, as a Trust board we wanted to make our stance public.
“The Trust remains determined to put forward the case for affordable football, while balancing the needs of the club’s finances.”

Grimsby Town notes: Our ambition is to become more representative of our fan base

Thank you to everyone who came to the AGM on Thursday night, wrote Fan Elected Director Murry Toms on behalf of the Robins Trust in our programme notes for the Grimsby Town match on Tuesday

We were pleased with the way it went, outlining our ambitious plans to grow the organisation into something a little more representative of crowds we get here at Whaddon Road.

We spent our summer reorganising the team and talking to as many people as we possibly could about who we are, what we do well and what we don’t. Now the nights are drawing in we need to get on with it and start turning all of that positivity into action, and our annual meeting was a timely opportunity to share our ideas.

Let’s be honest, there aren’t many people that want to give up their Thursday night to attend an evening of formalities but it doesn’t have to be turgid, and we tried to approach it differently this time around. Our monthly get-togethers have been enjoyable so there’s no reason why our AGM shouldn’t be too – we’re football fans after all.

We have a team of skilled and enthusiastic people, each determined to make a difference to the Trust and ultimately the club. Unfortunately Louise Plumb was absent but the remaining 12 new board members were introduced on the night so that everyone is clear on who’s who, and what skills they bring. A few old faces, and plenty of new. And a good range of ages and backgrounds.

We aimed to spread the load between as many of the new faces as possible to break the monotony with a visual presentation of what we’ve been up to over the last 12 months. We heard from Tarran on how we’ve converted a further £10,000 into shares, taking our total investment in the club to £270,630 to remain the fourth largest shareholder.

Membership has risen by 42% since the end of the financial year at the end of May, but we feel that our current tally of 330 supporters is still way short considering the size of the regular crowds we get.

It’s ambitious, but we want 1,000 people to join us. At the moment we don’t even have a thousand followers on Twitter but we’re clear on what we want to do over the next 12 months so we believe we can hit that mark.

In short it’s all about greater representation and the community around the club.

For starters we’re going to give everything a lick of paint, and I stumbled through that bit. The look and feel of what we do has remained the same since 2005 and I don’t think anyone could argue that it isn’t now a bit tired.

We shared five options for the new logo in our programme notes for the Swindon Town game and since then over 42% of the responses in the public vote decided that ‘option A’ would best represent us in the future. Soon we’ll be redesigning all of our bits and pieces.

James Young shared our new ‘RISE’ manta, distilling well over 100 pages of utterly dull rules and regulations into one handy crib sheet so that supporters can be crystal clear on what the Trust does for them. It’s here to Represent, Influence, Serve and Encourage you, but if you head over to our website you’ll need less than two minutes to fully understand our role.

Dave Jennings has been busy on the commercial front with the clear brief of creating real value to the Robins Trust membership card. He acknowledged that there have been issues in the past, but we’re tackling those to make it so simple to join and renew. His conversations with local businesses have been fruitful and in time, we are looking to add a raft of exclusive offers and discounts for all.

Myself and Dave are also meeting with the Community Trust in a few weeks time to explore a way in which we can work with them. And of course, one of our founding principles is a guaranteed cup ticket and that hasn’t changed. Now the FA Cup has come back around, you never know who that might lead in January and beyond.

RISE: Represent, Influence, Serve, Encourage

How we will RISE. The Robins Trust will:


  • Every single Robins Trust member and supporter of Cheltenham Town
  • Be a trusted point of contact for every Cheltenham Town fan
  • Be open, inclusive and democratic, to ensure all fans are represented


  • Ensure that the needs and wants of all supporters are respected by the Football Club board, through our Fan Elected Director
  • Encourage the Football Club to put the views of the supporters first and foremost in every decision they make.
  • Ensure that the Fan Elected Director is open, accountable and communicates regularly with all supporters


  • Every supporter, regardless of age, gender, race, religion, disability
  • The community of Cheltenham Town fans
  • The community where our Football Club is based


  • The Football Club to better serve the community it represents
  • The Football Club to achieve excellence on the pitch by developing home-grown footballers for the first team
  • A friendly and vibrant fan culture, in order to improve numbers and atmosphere

With the aim of:

1. Ensuring the fans have a significant say in how their club is run
2. Protecting the Football Club’s long-term future by securing a significant shareholding
3. Making the club robust, secure and able to attract the right kind of investment to improve the club on and off-field.
4. Have a growing say in how the club meets it’s on and off-field objectives, through the work of our Fan Elected Director
5. Growing our membership to at least 1,000 members, ensuring that the Trust is as representative as it can be to the needs of every single supporter