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Open day: planning meeting Tuesday 30 May

Preparations are already underway ahead of this year’s open day.

The popular event is open for all supporters to meet the management, players and staff in July ahead of the new season.

A number of new ideas were suggested at the recent open board meeting and we will be hosting a planning meeting on Tuesday 30 May (7.30pm) in the main bar at the LCI Rail Stadium.

Everyone is welcome to join us and play a part in putting it on.

If you think you can contribute, no matter how small, please let us know at [email protected] or tweet us @robinstrust.

Open board meeting: full minutes

The Robins Trust held an open board meeting on Monday night at the LCI Rail Stadium.

A heartening turnout saw 42 Robins fans attend with most engaging in productive discussions about the future of the Trust.

With current chairman Clive Gowing set to stand down from his post and with the election of Murry Toms as the Trust’s Fan Elected Director, the Trust will be changing.

As well as a presentation from Clive about the Trust’s activities over the past decade, board members Leo Hoenig and Tarran Wilson spoke about what comes next.

There was then an open floor meeting during which anyone and everyone was able to give their opinions with a huge number of topics covered.

The full minutes of the meeting can be downloaded and read here.

The current Trust Board hope that the encouraging turnout is a positive sign for the future.

Another meeting of the Trust Board has been arranged for Monday, June 5 (7.45pm) at the LCI Rail Stadium. Anyone who wants to be a part of the Board moving forward is welcome to attend.

New event: Meet the men in the middle

Chris Foy spent 14 years as a Premier League official

“The referee’s a ******.”

We’ve all said it, haven’t we?

Every football fan has at one time been bemused, angered or felt betrayed by the man in black, but how well do you know the rules of the game?

If you think you know more than the ref then this is your chance to prove it.

The Robins Trust is hosting a unique event at the LCI Rail Stadium featuring three very special guests.

Chris Foy spent 14 years as a Premier League official and took charge of more than 500 professional games – including the Robins’ memorable Neil Grayson-inspired win against Cardiff City in 2000.

Now, the former Fifa elite list official is working as head of community engagement with the Professional Game Match Officials and he wants to know well you know the laws of the game.

On Thursday June 1 from 7pm, Chris will be making his second trip to Whaddon Road for an evening with the Robins Trust.

Simon Hooper has been in charge of over 100 Championship games

He will be joined by Select Group 2 referee, Simon Hooper,  who has been with the EFL for eight years and has been in charge of over 100 Championship games.

He is also refereeing this weekend’s League One play-off final between Bradford and Millwall at Wembley.

In a fascinating, entertaining and interactive session, Chris and Simon will explain the latest updates to the laws of football and give an insight in to why, and how, referees make the decisions they do.

They will also put you on the spot and ask you to make the tough calls that the man in the whistle has to make on a weekly basis.

Afterwards you will also get the chance to ask the questions you have always wanted to two of the country’s leading referees alongside our third special guest.

Foy will be joined by Robins Trust member Nathan Mattick (above), who made national headlines in 2015 when he overcame the odds to became the UK’s first powerchair referee.

Not one to be deterred by his wheelchair, Nathan is FA qualified to officiate in able-bodied and disabled matches, both indoors and outside.

The 21-year-old has cerebral palsy and found the first match he officiated to be a big challenge but with the help of the Gloucestershire FA, he has been able to achieve his dream of refereeing.

“I was so nervous. I thought the players and managers would give me a hard time because I was in a chair and they would question why I was refereeing able-bodied football,” he said at the time.

“I want to work with children in the sports industry. I want to get a job and be independent. Going back to my parents would be a step backwards,” he added.

“It’s important you respect every single person whether they have a disability or not. We can all contribute to this world.”

It’s an inspiring story and one that should give a further perspective into life out in the middle.

The event is free, open to members and non-members of the Trust and there will be a full pay bar available.

If you are interested in attending, email [email protected] or tweet the Trust @robinstrust so we can get an idea of numbers.

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All welcome at open meeting on May 15

A new era for the Robins Trust began last month when Murry Toms became the second Fan Elected Director to take a seat on the Cheltenham Town board.

Now it’s your chance to take a role in what happens next.

With current Trust chairman Clive Gowing standing down from his post and a number of current Trust board members deciding to do likewise, change is in the air.

So, the Trust board has decided to throw the doors open to all Cheltenham Town fans and are encouraging as many as possible to have a say in what direction they want the Trust to take next.

We are holding a Special General Meeting of the Trust board on Monday, May 15 (7.45pm) at the LCI Rail Stadium – and everyone is welcome to attend.

FED Murry Toms will be there on the night to meet and chat with fans and members of the current Trust board will also be in attendance to explain what is involved in being a board member.

And while there will be Trust business to see to on the night, Murry said that the most important item on the agenda will be to hear from fans who aren’t already involved with the Trust.

He said “The main purpose of the meeting is for the board and supporters to have an informal chat about how the Trust works and how you can get involved in making the Trust, and the Club better.

“So if you have any moans or gripes, ideas or suggestions then we would love to see you.

“But more important than that, if you have a passion for Cheltenham Town then this is your chance to have a very real role in what your Trust and Football Club does next.”

UPDATED: The meeting of the Robins Trust will take place in the Premier Suite at the LCI Rail Stadium from 7.45pm on Monday, May 15. All welcome.