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Update From Clive Gowing (Trust Chair and FED)

Dear Robins fan,

It is difficult to know where to start – given that so much has happened with the Robins Trust in the past two weeks.

First, and most importantly, I would like to thank everyone who attended the SGM last week, and also to those who voted by proxy ahead of the meeting.

The meeting was full of fans making  their passionate opinion heard, and I am sure that this would have made Bryan incredibaly proud.

The votes saw the Trust membership agree to invest £200,000 from Bryan’s legacy into the Football Club immediately and then I was honoured to be elected to be the Trust’s first fan-elected director.

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Trust Membership And Eligibility To Vote At SGM

The Robins Trust is looking forward to welcoming members both new and old to the Special General Meeting at Whaddon Road on Thursday night.

Since announcing the news that Bryan Jacob had left his estate to the Trust, we have been delighted to have received a considerable upsurge in our membership numbers.

At present the Trust has a bigger-than-ever membership database and hope to be able to grow that number even further if we can finally secure our aim of having a Fan Elected Director.

As the Trust is a legally-registered Industrial and Provident Society,  the process of running the elections on Thursday evening are subject to strict conditions as laid out in the society’s rules.

At the start of the election process there was a cut-off date for new members to sign up for the Trust in order to be eligible to participate in the elections.

That cut-off date was on April 2, 2015 (Two weeks prior to the SGM) and only members signed up to the Trust before that date will be able to vote.

The Trust board and Election Management Group would like to apologise to any supporters who signed up after this date specifically to vote in these elections.

It was an honest mistake made by hard-working volunteers, who in 10 years running the Trust have made it their business never to turn down new members.

If any member who signed up after April 2 would like to have their membership subscription refunded, then please contact [email protected] and we will arrange this.

However, the events of Thursday night are only the start of what could be some crucial decisions made by Robins Trust members in the coming weeks, months and years.

As a Trust member, after the events of Thursday night, you could have a Director of Cheltenham Town directly answerable to you.

As Thursday night’s meeting has to run to a strict order of business, it is imperative that the meeting starts on time at 7pm.

Any Cheltenham Town fans are welcome to attend, but only Trust members registered before April 2 will be able to speak and vote during the order of business.

Trust members will be asked to report to the desk by the front doors to register their attendance and receive their agenda and ballot paper.

Representation will be made by both the Trust and from Paul Baker on behalf of Cheltenham Town FC, and there will be a chance to ask questions  before the three votes take place.

On the conclusion of the meeting, Paul Baker and first-team manager Gary Johnson will be holding a fans forum for all supporters.

Clarifications Around SGM On Thursday 16th April

In response to recent emailed questions to the Robins Trust and comments made on social media the Robins Trust will like to issue the following statement ahead of Thursday’s SGM.

Why is this decision being made now? Is it being rushed?

The Robins Trust board learned of Bryan Jacob’s death in September 2013 and has known that they were the sole beneficiaries of his estate since then.

In the nearly two years since, the Trust board has worked hard to ensure that the organisation was ready to receive the final sums upon execution of the will.

Trust members were told of the news in November 2014, once we were in a position to know approximate figures that would be received.

The Trust then received the full amount of £222,015.88 into its bank account in March and it was felt that the members should be able to decide on what should happen next at the earliest opportunity.

At no point did the Football Club’s league position or latest set of financial figures factor in that equation – the decision-making process started nearly 18 months before the SGM.

However, the Trust has maintained an open and constructive dialogue with the Football Club and in particular Paul Baker since learning of Bryan¹s death and gesture in 2013.

At every point the Trust board has reiterated to the Club that they should not expect to receive this money, or budget for it as it was up the Trust¹s membership to decide what happened next.

Like the Trust board, the Football Club did not know the exact figures until the start of March 2015.

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IMPORTANT Information Ahead Of Robins Trust SGM On April 16 2015

Dear Robins Trust member,

As I am sure you are now aware, a Special General Meeting of the Trust is taking place on Thursday, April 16 where you, as a Trust member, will have a chance to vote on three issues.

I am writing to you today to lay out some important information that will help the evening run as smoothly as possible.

An online copy of the SGM Agenda is available here: Robins Trust SGM Agenda April 16 2015, please familiarise yourself with the three separate votes in order to help with the order of business.

The meeting will start promptly at 7pm, where representation will be made by both the Trust and the Football Club in regards to Bryan Jacob’s estate.

We would advise as many members as possible to attend the meeting, but appreciate that it may be impossible for some, so we have included a way of voting by proxy – see link below.

If you are intending to vote by proxy, votes must be cast by midday on Wednesday, April 15.  Proxy votes cast after this deadline will NOT be counted.

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