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Robins Trust Program Notes – Saturday 29 November 2014

What is a Supporters Trust?

In the last program notes (available on the Robins Trust Website) I touched on briefly on what a supporters trust was and the Robins Trust mission statement.

I want to talk a little more on the role supporters direct play within supporters trust and specifically the Robins Trust. As a member of supporters direct the Robins Trust play an annual fee which allows the Robins Trust access to the expertise available such as legal advice, training for trust board members or access to network events.

More recently supporters direct have given the Robins Trust specific advice in changes to our model roles, adopting side policies and support and advice regarding our recent announcement with relation to Bryan Jacob’s will.

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Robins Trust Program Notes – Saturday 22nd November 2014

Dedicated Supporters Program

It only feels right that the Robins Trust should have a page in this special program that is dedicated to the fans of Cheltenham Town FC. By now you would have all heard about the announcement regards Bryan Jacob’s wonderful gesture and this is truly a positive and exciting time for the Robins Trust. It is however vital that we also constantly look back at some of the great achievements we have made today all of which would not have been possible without the support of the Cheltenham Town Fans.

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Robins Trust Announcement – Bryan Jacob

Robins fans forum Q&A at Whaddon Road, CheltenhamPICTURED; a member asks a question.Picture: Anna LythgoeReporter: MarkSport: Echo: 15.11.07

In September 2013, the Robins Trust learned of the sad death of our friend and colleague Bryan Jacob.

Bryan played an integral role in the formation and establishing of the Robins Trust and served on the Trust’s board for many years as secretary.  His meticulous mind and jovial nature kept all of the Trust board on their toes and livened-up many a tough board meeting.

In his will, Bryan left the majority of his estate to the Robins Trust: A truly fantastic gesture from a wonderful man.  The Robins Trust board do not know the final amounts that will be received from this fantastic gesture, but want to make this announcement in order to be open and transparent to our members.

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Robins Trust 2014 AGM – Agenda Online

The Robins Trust 2014 AGM (Thursday 6th November at 19:00 at Whaddon Road) agenda is now available to view and download.  The agenda is:

  1. Chairman’s statement
  2. To receive and approve the Trust accounts for the year ending 31/05/2014
  3. Election of board members in accordance with existing model rules.
  4. Changes to the rules of the Society: Adoption of new 2014 Model Rules as advised by Supporters Direct.
  5. Adoption of five separate policy documents detailing Trust board members roles and responsibilities (all available to download):

a) Robins Trust Election Rules
b) Robins Trust Elected Director Rules
c) Robins Trust Disciplinary Rules
d) Robins Trust Meeting Rules
e) Robins Trust Board Conduct Rules

  1. Robins Trust announcement
  2. Refreshment Break
  3. Open fans forum with Cheltenham Town chairman Paul Baker and
    first-team manager Mark Yates

And a downloadable version can be found here: Robins Trust 2014 AGM Agenda