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Board meeting on Monday 5 June – minutes

The Robins Trust held a board meeting at Whaddon Road on Monday 5 June.

Board members Clive Gowing, Tarran Wilson and Murry Toms were present.

Agenda items included the re-organisation of the Trust board, acting chairman, membership, recruitment, open day arrangements and merchandise ideas.

The minutes for the meeting are now available to read in full.

Next board meeting on Monday 5 June at 7.30pm

The next step in the reorganisation of the Robins Trust will take place on Monday night.

Following the election of Murry Toms as Fan Elected Director and Clive Gowing’s decision to stand down as chairman, the Trust has been planning for changes.

An open meeting last month was attended by nearly 50 fans, many of whom registered an interest in becoming a Trust board member.

On Monday night (7.30pm) the Trust will hold a board meeting in the main bar at Whaddon Road and any fan who is interested in helping the Trust going forward is welcome to attend.

This meeting will start plotting a course for what the Trust does next as well as starting the restructuring of the Trust board.

Trust FED Murry Toms said: “The Trust will be changing in the coming weeks and months and this is your chance to be involved in that change.

“The existing board have done an outstanding job over the past decade, achieving some magnificent things.

“The key to building on that is to have a new board of Robins fans who want to do their bit going forward.

“This meeting is open to any Robins fan who wants to help and I would urge any supporter who can help comes to the meeting to help plot a course for an exciting future.”

Referees take centre stage and for once, the fans loved every minute!

Simon Hooper, Nathan Mattick and Chris Foy at Whaddon Road

A referee was the centre of attention at Whaddon Road and – for once – a group of Cheltenham Town fans loved every minute.

Former Premier League official Chris Foy was the Robins Trust’s guest for an interactive evening explaining the difficult role of the man with the whistle.

Foy is now the head of communications for PGMOL, the organisation that employs 50+ professional match officials.

And along with Select Group 2 referee Simon Hooper, he gave a fascinating insight into to recent rule changes and the tough decisions match officials have to make.

Fans were put on the spot and asked what the difference is between handball and not, as well as judging what is and isn’t holding in the penalty area.

The referees took questions after an interactive session

Robins Trust board member Tarran Wilson, who organised the event said: “Chris and Simon gave a terrific insight into the difficult life of a referee.

“We hope the fans that were there appreciated the chance to see what the man in the middle does and why decisions are made.

“As the Trust evolves we hope to put on similar events. If any fans have ideas on who they would want to see in the chair then please get in contact.”

Following an hour-long interactive presentation Foy and Hooper – who took charge of the recent League One Play Off final – then answered questions from the fans.

They were joined by Robins Trust member Nathan Mattick, the country’s first qualified powerball referee.

Murry Toms, the Trust’s Fan Elected Director added: “On behalf of the Trust I would like to Chris and Simon for giving up their time to put on a terrific session.

“Like with the recent Trust open meeting there was a heartening turnout of fans. We hope to put on similar events over the course of next season.

“The Trust are holding a board meeting on Monday  (June 5) at Whaddon Road where we will be putting together an action plan for what comes next.

“If you want to play an active part in what the Trust does next then please come along, have your say and be a part of an exciting future.”

  • The next board meeting will be held in the main bar at Whaddon Road on Monday (June 5) at 7.30pm.

Open board meeting: full minutes

The Robins Trust held an open board meeting on Monday night at the LCI Rail Stadium.

A heartening turnout saw 42 Robins fans attend with most engaging in productive discussions about the future of the Trust.

With current chairman Clive Gowing set to stand down from his post and with the election of Murry Toms as the Trust’s Fan Elected Director, the Trust will be changing.

As well as a presentation from Clive about the Trust’s activities over the past decade, board members Leo Hoenig and Tarran Wilson spoke about what comes next.

There was then an open floor meeting during which anyone and everyone was able to give their opinions with a huge number of topics covered.

The full minutes of the meeting can be downloaded and read here.

The current Trust Board hope that the encouraging turnout is a positive sign for the future.

Another meeting of the Trust Board has been arranged for Monday, June 5 (7.45pm) at the LCI Rail Stadium. Anyone who wants to be a part of the Board moving forward is welcome to attend.