Robins Trust Program Notes – Saturday 22nd November 2014

Dedicated Supporters Program

It only feels right that the Robins Trust should have a page in this special program that is dedicated to the fans of Cheltenham Town FC. By now you would have all heard about the announcement regards Bryan Jacob’s wonderful gesture and this is truly a positive and exciting time for the Robins Trust. It is however vital that we also constantly look back at some of the great achievements we have made today all of which would not have been possible without the support of the Cheltenham Town Fans.

Achievements to Date

The Robins Trust has had some truly great achievements in the past nine years since the trust were formed and it seems fitting that in our tenth year we look set to gain a seat on the CTFC board. To list some of our achievements over the past nine seasons
• £53,000 Invested in Cheltenham Town FC
• £3,500 Donated to Cheltenham Town FC Youth Team
• £6,500 Donated to local Charities
• Annual hospital to visit to Gloucestershire Children’s ward
• Organised summer ground clean-up activities
• Arranged multiple fundraising evenings and sponsored events

What is a Supporters Trust?

I plan to use a future program to give more background into supporters trusts and reasons for becoming a member but here’s insight to keep you going;

A Supporters Trust is a formal, democratic and not-for-profit organisation of fans who attempt to strengthen the influence of supporters over the running of the club they support. The Robins Trust maintains a position that is independent of Cheltenham Town F.C.

The Robins Trust mission statement is as follows:

The mission of the Robins Trust is to successfully develop the model of a Supporters Trust whose members have a stake in their football club and to ensure that their club is central to the community in which it operates.

Ticket Priority

Another great reason to join the robins trust is to guarantee ticket priority to non- season ticket holders and club VIP’s. I am sure I am not the only person who has now started to dream about a glamour FA Cup tie against Manchester United or Chelsea. Robins Trust members will be given ticket priority that will ensure members can enjoy such a game if it occurs. I do however urge supporters to sign up now as the trust would be required to submit their full membership list to the football club soon after the third round draw if we are successful in the next round and ticket priority is required.

Dover Raffle

All profits raised from the upcoming Dover Raffle will be used to buy toys and gifts for the annual visit to the Gloucestershire Children’s ward so please double your chances of winning as well as supporting a great course by buying an extra ticket!

Youth Team Sponsorship

I was pleased to announce at our recent AGM that the trust has agreed to fund to purchase an away kit for the youth team with money raised via our sponsor a goal initiative. This will mean the trust logo will be on both the home and way kits of the youth team. Please look out for the photo’s in future programs.

Website & Ways to Sign Up

The Robins Trust website has recently gone through an upgrade, please take time to visit our website and while you are there this is a great opportunity for our non members to sign up to the trust. If you don’t have the internet or prefer to sign up using cash or cheque please speak to any raffle sellers at home matches who will be glad to sign you up.

Memorial to Bryan Jacob

The last piece I write is probably the most important on this page. The Robins Trust are looking for ways to remember a fantastic gesture by their colleague, friend and fellow supporter. If you have any suggestions in a memento that could give a long lasting memory to Bryan please contact a trust member with the idea.