Robins Trust Program Notes – Saturday 29 November 2014

What is a Supporters Trust?

In the last program notes (available on the Robins Trust Website) I touched on briefly on what a supporters trust was and the Robins Trust mission statement.

I want to talk a little more on the role supporters direct play within supporters trust and specifically the Robins Trust. As a member of supporters direct the Robins Trust play an annual fee which allows the Robins Trust access to the expertise available such as legal advice, training for trust board members or access to network events.

More recently supporters direct have given the Robins Trust specific advice in changes to our model roles, adopting side policies and support and advice regarding our recent announcement with relation to Bryan Jacob’s will.

Taken from the Supporters Direct Website here is a little more regarding their work:

What we do

Supporters Direct helps fans to set up democratic cooperatives (known as supporters trusts) to gain influence in the running and ownership of their clubs.

Why we exist

We exist because we are needed: The game can be better run and should be more responsive to the needs of its fans and local communities.

How we do it

We do it by sharing the experience of supporters’ trusts & community owned clubs across the game, helping them to speak with one voice so that they can challenge & change the way that clubs and the game behaves.

What makes us different

We are from grassroots and we operate as insiders. This allows us to work within the game, with government and others, whilst being a positive influence and a credible voice with the movement that we serve.

Some facts and Figures

Supporters Direct act predominantly within the sport of Football but is has some involvement within Rugby League, Rugby Union and Ice Hockey which is included in the figures below

Total Supporters Trusts: 203

England & Wales: 147

Scotland: 36

Northern Ireland: 2

Total supporters’ trusts with a director on the board of the club (includes community owned clubs): 75

England & Wales: 56

Scotland: 18

Northern Ireland:1

Update on Bryan Jacobs Donation

When we made the recent announcement at our AGM regarding Bryan Jacob estate I made a promise to commit to provide regular updated to our members. There is little update we can provide to our member in the three weeks since our AGM. The Robins Trust is the main benefactor to Bryan’s estate but not sole benefactor and therefore we are currently dealing with solicitors with regards to Bryan’s estate and have been on a regular basis over the past 12 months.

Ticket Priority

Another great reason to join the robins trust is to guarantee ticket priority to non- season ticket holders and club VIP’s. I am sure I am not the only person who has now started to dream about a glamour FA Cup tie against Manchester United or Chelsea. Robins Trust members will be given ticket priority that will ensure members can enjoy such a game if it occurs. I do however urge supporters to sign up now as the trust would be required to submit their full membership list to the football club soon after the third round draw if we are successful in the next round and ticket priority is required.

Dover Raffle

All profits raised from the upcoming Dover Raffle will be used to buy toys and gifts for the annual visit to the Gloucestershire Children’s ward so please double your chances of winning as well as supporting a great course by buying an extra ticket!

Website & Ways to Sign Up

New members can sign up at or if you don’t have the internet or prefer to sign up using cash or cheque please speak to any raffle sellers at home matches who will be glad to sign you up.