Robins Trust Fan Elected Director Position – Message From Clive Gowing

It has been a pleasure to represent the Robins Trust supporters on the CTFC board for the last two years and for myself to be the first fan elected director at Cheltenham Town FC was a fantastic achievement after 10 years of hard work.

During the last year I have been completing two roles on the CTFC board as fan elected director and also Finance Director. Much debate has occurred regarding these roles and I have always felt I was best placed to complete both roles to the best of my ability. 

I have previously stated that I would stand for re-election in April and would continue to stand for as long as I felt I was the best placed to complete the dual roles. The role of Fan Elected Director can be a thankless task but also very rewarding with a great deal of hard work. It brings its successes and I have loved every moment of the last two years.

I always felt that if I ever was to step down from the role I would like the next person to be one that knew the workings of the trust and also our unique football club very well. 

I have discussed this with supporters direct and also my position and they have been very supportive of the Fan Elected Director Role and that of the Robins Trust.

I recently took a call from Murry Toms who wanted to understand my position as Finance Director and Fan Elected Director and signalled he was considering standing for the role. Although not a board member of the Robins Trust Murry has been a member for many years and has been a volunteer at Cheltenham Town FC for almost 15 years. Murry may also be well known to the supporters in running the billboard campaign and also the mastermind behind the successful scoreboard campaign.

Murry brings a vast amount of media and communication skills and would be a great asset to the Robins Trust. With this in mind I plan to step down from my role as fan elected director at the Robins Trusts SGM in April but remain in my role as Finance Director on the Cheltenham Town board and support Murry in his election.

I believe this to be the best situation going forward for the benefit of the supporters in having a dedicated Fan Elected Director and also allowing myself to fully commit to being the clubs Finance Director and support the growth of the club off the field.

My role as Chairman of the Robins Trust will be addressed in due course after the SGM as well as the co-opting of new trust board members. I urge anyone who is considering joining the Trust board to do so now and be part of a new and exciting chapter of the Robins Trust.

The Robins Trust will be circulating details of the SGM and the personal statements of FED candidate in the next week.

Many Thanks

Clive Gowing