Robins Trust 2014 AGM – Agenda Online

The Robins Trust 2014 AGM (Thursday 6th November at 19:00 at Whaddon Road) agenda is now available to view and download.  The agenda is:

  1. Chairman’s statement
  2. To receive and approve the Trust accounts for the year ending 31/05/2014
  3. Election of board members in accordance with existing model rules.
  4. Changes to the rules of the Society: Adoption of new 2014 Model Rules as advised by Supporters Direct.
  5. Adoption of five separate policy documents detailing Trust board members roles and responsibilities (all available to download):

a) Robins Trust Election Rules
b) Robins Trust Elected Director Rules
c) Robins Trust Disciplinary Rules
d) Robins Trust Meeting Rules
e) Robins Trust Board Conduct Rules

  1. Robins Trust announcement
  2. Refreshment Break
  3. Open fans forum with Cheltenham Town chairman Paul Baker and
    first-team manager Mark Yates

And a downloadable version can be found here: Robins Trust 2014 AGM Agenda