Open board meeting: full minutes

The Robins Trust held an open board meeting on Monday night at the LCI Rail Stadium.

A heartening turnout saw 42 Robins fans attend with most engaging in productive discussions about the future of the Trust.

With current chairman Clive Gowing set to stand down from his post and with the election of Murry Toms as the Trust’s Fan Elected Director, the Trust will be changing.

As well as a presentation from Clive about the Trust’s activities over the past decade, board members Leo Hoenig and Tarran Wilson spoke about what comes next.

There was then an open floor meeting during which anyone and everyone was able to give their opinions with a huge number of topics covered.

The full minutes of the meeting can be downloaded and read here.

The current Trust Board hope that the encouraging turnout is a positive sign for the future.

Another meeting of the Trust Board has been arranged for Monday, June 5 (7.45pm) at the LCI Rail Stadium. Anyone who wants to be a part of the Board moving forward is welcome to attend.

3 thoughts on “Open board meeting: full minutes

  1. well done a step forward

    just an observation
    the minutes open in word protected perhaps would be better in PDF so preventing easy manipulation

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